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  • Swedish Massage

    Very lite to medium, gentle & relaxing massage that helps with lymph and blood circulation.
    • Swedish-60 $70
      Full body relaxation massage with cold pressed organic oils, helps improve circulation and move lymphatic fluids !
      This is a very lite to medium pressure massage.
    • Swedish -90 $100
      Full body massage with cold pressed organic oil ,this massage is very lite to medium pressure, it improves circulation and helps to move lymphatic fluids.
  • Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage

    • Deep Tissue 60min $80
      1 Hour Deep tissue, preferably in one or two problem areas to help release discomfort. Combination of many modalities for increased benefit of your desired results. 
    • Deep Tissue 90min $120
      Full Body Deep tissue massage.
    • Chair/Table Massage Fully Clothed

      Great for limited time frames and available in 15 minute intervals these massages are conducted fully clothed on a massage table.
      • 30 minute $40
        Fully Clothed table massage, addressing problem areas, releasing discomforts in a short time while relaxing
      • Reiki / Bio-Energetic Therapy

        45-60 minute customized energy medicine therapy consists of cleansing ,balancing and charging chakras and human bio-energetic field (aura). This relaxing and refreshing clothed session is gentle and non invasive. I use light touch on top of clothing and will also work in the energy field above and around the body. Helps emotionally as well as physically. Can reduce or remove pain, anxiety, fear and sorrow. Clients tend to feel less pain, more mobility, clear minded, light on their feet, happier and revived.
      • Cupping Therapy

        • Cupping 30m $40
          Cupping forces circulation pulling up stagnant blood and toxins &moves lymphatic fluids so fresh oxygenated blood can move in. cupping is an anti gravity massage which stretches fascia and muscles that may have bound together causing adhesions & scar tissue,  possibly from injuries or over/under use.
        • Facial Rejuvination $60
          Gentle cupping to reduce fine lines over a series of treatments, plumps lips, tightens/lifts brows, creates circulation, moves lymph.
        • Cellulite 30m $40
          Breaks up cellulite over a series of sessions, typically on the legs
      • Aromatherapy Application

        • AromaTouch Technique Spine/Feet $60
          8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils applied on the spine of the back and the feet along the meridians. Promotes homeostasis.
          50 min
      • In-Home/Office Therapeutic Service (Local)

        $40 additional travel/time fee for home visits within Brisbane, SSF ,Millbrea
    • Billing Workers Comp/ Vehicle Accident

      Massage to treat injuries related to work or motor vehicle accidents. Treatment must be approved by insurance and have a doctors referral/prescription with medical diagnosis in order to bill.
  • Aromatherapy w/ Massage Service $5

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